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CRM Development India

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a technology which helps to serve the customers of any business and take utmost care. Hire PHP Programmer India concentrates its best efforts on keeping your customers satisfied.

CRM is company-wide business strategy which is designed specifically to reduce costs and increase profits of your business. It brings together information from all data sources to give one holistic view of each customer. It keeps all the details relating to their likes, dislikes, their behavior, what satisfies them and every detail which you know to keep customers satisfied. CRM is mainly used to manage their customers, records and their surveys.

Why to choose Hire PHP programmer India for on-demand CRM Services?

Hire PHP programmer India is a leading CRM Services Company which has earned recognition as a leading provider in the field. We have beaten the competition time because of our award winning CRM solutions which delivers more powerful business benefits and a better user experience for our customers. Our CRM services ensure increased performance, productivity and profitability.

Features of our CRM includes Customer contact management, Calendar for appointment and tasks, Notes, Documents, Tasks, Time cards, Marketing, Surveys, Poll, News Letters, Email, SMS, Outlook integration so contacts, notes and calendars are synced from Web to Outlook and vice versa, Mobile version for mobile users, Bug tracking system, Dashboard for updates on summary, Fully customizable access control, Quick Summary Tab , Automated emails about tasks, pending tasks, bugs, status etc., OLAP and MIS, Rich graphical user interface, Detailed reporting for each activity.

Our organized structure of CRM services includes:

  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Integration Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Application Development
  • Business Training

Our good knowledge in the latest internet technologies has allowed us in developing efficient, scalable, multi-channel customer interactive systems that reduces cost of contact and enhances services. We deeply understand what people want and what satisfies them. Through market research and years of experience in the industry, we have achieved a place from where we can help others achieve new heights with our extraordinary services at affordable prices.

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